Sunday, 21 July 2013

21Jul13 - Raja Kayu (King of Wood)

Raja Kayu, King of Wood (血龙木 dragon blood wood)

Raja Kayu or Kayu Raja (King of wood) is the Supreme King in the forest among all different spieces of trees, and therefore is commonly called King of Wood, or Saint Wood. It grows in tropical rain forest enduring the ever-changing natural environment. It constantly absorbing the power from the sun and the moon essence, after hundreds of years of tempering and raises its own unique spiritual and Emmanuel.

Raja Kayu (King of wood) emits powerful Charms and Amulets which gives protection to the Malaysian indigenous people all the way since very long time ago.

    Translucent with red glow when light is shine through it.

The most amazing feature of Kuya Raja is that it is translucent. By shining a flashlight through the wood, the light will penetrate the wood chips and be illuminating in red.

The second experiment is reduce the size of the wood chips, wood chips will submerge into the water like a stone. The Kayu Raya is not floating at all.  

The third experiment is to take the sawdust of Kayu Raya , gently rub with your fingers on your arm, and it will disappear on your arm. 

    Highly reflective surface.

Raya Kayu has excellent mechanical properties, high compression strength, density, and even hitting a nail in it is quite a difficult task. Anti-moth-bite, corrosion-resistant, oily, almost never crack nor deform, therefore is a fine material for wood carving.

Due to those special properties of Raya Kayu and the kings of the ancient region of Southeast Asia chosen this wood as the Royal appointed timber. Monks in India, Malaysia, Thailand and many other enlightenment use it to make prayer beads.



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